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The Uni-T-Fence is a heavy duty aluminum extrusion up grade fence for the Delta® Unifence Table Saw Guide System designed by Might-T-Track Inc. It replaces the Stock Delta Fence which mounts to their saw fence guide. You must own the Delta UniFence to use this product. Mounting the Uni-T-Fence to your Delta® Unifence is as simple as sliding the Stock fence off and sliding the Uni-T-Fence on. There are no holes to drill.


No. Description

36" Uni-T-Fence with UHMW Fence Face



36" UHMW Uni-T Fence Face Replacement



43" Uni-T-Fence with UHMW Fence Face


43" UHMW Uni-T Fence Face Replacement
16" Uni-T Fence with UHMW Fence Face
16" UHMW Uni-T Fence Face Replacement (1 pair)
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Uni-T-Fence Anatomy

Uni T Fence End View

Front View of Uni T Fence

Rear View of Uni T Fence

Overall Dimensions

Width= 2" (Doesn't require fence scale adjustment and                      fence can be swapped in and out with original)
Length= 36" or 43"
UHMW Fence Face=1/2"x 2" x  Fence Length
Wall Thickness=.150"

UHMW Fence Face Opening is exactly 1/2" deep which allows the use of any 1/2" stock (UHMW, plywood or hardwood) to be used as a temporary fence face (burying dado blade in the fence)

"A" T-Slots
The A t-slots are for mounting fence accessories like board buddies, fence featerboards and shop made jigs. The A t-slots take a standard 1/4" hex head bolt or 1/4" t-bolt.
"B" T-Slots
The "B" t-slot on the fence side is deeper than standard to take 1/4" hex nuts. This makes for easy mounting for the UHMW fence face.
"C" T-Slot
The "C" t-slot is used to mount the Uni-T-Fence to the standard Delta® Unifence Guide. The slot is 5/16" wide x 1-1/2" high
"D" UHMW Fence Face
The UHMW fence face is pre-drilled and mounted to the fence. We us UHMW for the following characteristics:
  • The highest abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding impact strength even at low temperatures
  • Excellent sliding material due to low coefficient of friction
  • Self-lubricating
  • Easily machined with common woodworking tools
"E" T- Slot
The "E" t-slot is used to mount the Uni-T-Fence to to other table saw or machine fences. The center line of the "E" slot is 1-1/64" from the bottom of the
Uni-T- Fence and takes a 1/4" hex head nut or bolt head.
Note: All dimensions are approximate

Uni T Fence Accessories
Uni-T-Fence Accessories Sold Separately

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