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Measuring, Marking and Layout Tools Index

Peachtree Woodworking Supply, Inc. sells a wide selection of Marking and Layout Tools for home and industrial woodworking shops. Click on any photo below for a detailed description and price.
Link to Marking Gauge Information Link to Machinist Square information Link to Aluminum Woodworking Squares Precision Squares
Link to Large Pro Combination Square Link to Thickness Gauge Information Link to Stainless Steel Protractor Link to Router Depth Gauge Information
Link to 6 Inch Fractional Dial Caliper Information Link to Electronic 6 Inch Fractional Digital Caliper Wixey 3" Digital Protractor WR400 Wixey 8" Digital Protractor WR410
Planer Digital Readout WR 510 Wixey Remote Digital Readout WR525 Wixey Digital Fence Readout WR700 Link to Magnetic Base Dial Indicatlor
Link to Quick Corners Layout Information Link to Center Finder Link to Center Finding Ruler Incra 12 inch Center finder rule
Link to Aluminum Ruler with handle Link to Hook Ruler Information Link to Aluminum Ruler Link to Bevel Gauge Information
3 inch Miter Square Link to 6 inch Depth Gauge Information Link to Flat Leg Pencile Compass and Divider Link to 3 piece Caliper / Divider Set
Link To Sticky Back Measuring Tapes Link To Sticky Back Measuring Tapes Link to Shop Fox Steel Tape Measure Link to Shop Fox Steel Tape Measure
Link to Pro Marking Gauge
Trend Perfect Butt Scriber
Aluminum Straight Edge
U.S. Heritage Coin Router Template
Off Set Gauge Flexible Curve Measuring Tape
Steel Flexible Curves Link to 24" Adjustable Square Information Digital Dial Indicator Dial Indicator Contact Point Set
Precision Steel Squares Ruler Guide 3 piece french curve set Precision Steel Triangles & Set-up Bars
Kreg PRS3400 Precision Router Table Set Up Bars, Set of 7
digital anglecube
FastCap Magnetic Micro Square Combination Digital Ruler & Protractor 6 piece radius gauge set
FastCap Speed Clip, Tape Measure Belt Clip FastCap® Square N Tape
Trend M3 Square
Trend MS/PRO 15-Function Multiscribe Profile Matching Tool Point 2 Point layout measuring tool Fastcap Converter Pro
MILESCRAFT MULTI-PURPOSE DEPTH GAUGE # 8601 iGaging Digital Multi-Gauge -Great Accuracy Multi Max Height Gauge Digital Height Gauge
iGaging Snap Depth Gauge
Incra Precision Marking T-Rule Incra Rules Marking Rule Incra Precision Bend Rule
Incra 6-Inch Precision Marking Protractor
Incra Rule Sets Step Gauge 3D Ruler EZ-Align 10" Layout and Centering Template
Peachtree Steel Measuring Tape 12 Foot Right Reading Adhesive Measuring Tape
MilesCraft Angle Finder 8402
General 10 inch Contour Gauge Carters Z Squared