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Dust Collection
Dust Collection Hose, Fittings and Accessories

Dust Collection Hose, Fittings and Accessories

Dust collection is quite possibly the most important component in a shop! One of the most fundamentally important aspects of dust collection is, as the dust is being generated, the dust must be picked up, or it will be lost in the air, where the task of collecting becomes nearly impossible. Your setup should always collect the dust at the point of dust origin. With the correct fittings, machinery, hose and other accessories, you’ll be able to work virtually worry free when it comes to breathing in annoying dust particles. Here at Peachtree Woodworking Supply we take pride in the fact that we carry a huge selection of dust collection items. We have those little hard to find parts that no one else seems to have! Click on the photos below for price and details.

Shop Fox 1 Hp Dust Collector Dust Collection Hose Aluminum Dust Pan Dust Collection Grounding Kit
Dust Collection Hose Clamps
Dust Collection Hose Hangers E-Treme Tape Wrap Round Dust Port Flange
Schedule 40 PVC Pipe to 4" Hard Plastic Dust Collection Fitting Dust Collection Cyclone Trash Can Lids Joiner Flanges
Dust Collection Hoods 6 inch Universal Hose Flange Dust Collection Blast Gates Dust Floor Sweep
Dust Collection Elbows Dust Collections T-Connectors
Dust Collection Hose Adaptors Dust Collection Reducers Machine Dust Ports Dust Collection Flange Ports
Quick Connect Fittings Hard Fitting To Hard Fitting Coupling Dust Collection Hose Splice Floor Dust Collector
Gortex Clean Stream Vac Filter Gortex Clean Stream Vac Filter Gortex Clean Stream Vac Filter Table Saw Dust Collector and Guard
Dust Grate Dust Collection Books Quick Dis-Connect Ball Joint Dust Fitting Universal Linked Hose Mount
Big Gulp Dust Hood EZ Sweep Dust Collection System Stay Put Hose Bracket
Down Draft Box Kit
Downdraft Panel Set
2.5 inch Stay Put Dust
Drill Press Dust Collector Dust Collector Remote Switch
Lathe Dust Hood
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