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Automaxx Face Frame Clamp

Kreg Automaxx Face Frame Clamp

These clamps feature new technology that adjusts the clamps automatically, eliminating the need to readjust the clamp for every change in material thickness. Just squeeze the padded handles and the clamp locks closed, no matter what the thickness.

  • Auto Adjust™ technology automatically adjusts to any thickness within size range.
  • Easy-to-regulate clamping pressure using a simple thumbscrew
  • Extra-large clamp faces spread clamp pressure evenly
  • Ergonomic padded grips prevent hand fatigue
  • Heavy-duty all-metal construction
  • Compatible with Kreg Jig®, Kreg Portable Base, and Kreg Jig® Jr.
Item# Description Price Quantity
9168 Kreg Automaxx™ 3" Face Frame Klamp $24.99

Heavy-Duty Bench Klamp System™

Heavy-Duty Bench Klamp System™

This system includes a 3"-reach Automaxx® Bench Klamp™ and a large 1/4" x 10" x 10" powder-coated steel plate that makes working in the shop or at the jobsite easy. Unlike the smaller Automaxx® Klamp Plate™, the steel plate in this kit can move from place to place. Whether you’re working in the shop, off of your pickup tailgate, or on the jobsite, you’ll get the same versatile and powerful clamping capability.


  • Steel plate can move from plate to plate
  • Great for work in the shop or at the jobsite
  • System includes 3" (76mm) reach Automaxx® Bench Klamp™ and a large 1/4" x 10" x 10" (6mm x 254mm x 254mm) powder-coated steel plate
Item# Description Price Quantity
8981 Kreg® Heavy-Duty Bench Klamp System™ $45.99

Zinc Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws

Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws
Pocket Hole Screw Heads

FINE-THREAD screw is used any time you’re driving the screw into a hardwood (i.e., oak, maple, walnut,

The COARSE-THREAD screw has a larger thread diameter and provides greater holding power when driving a screw into soft material such as plywood, particle board, MDF, melamine, and pine.

Our most common screw head type is the Maxi-Loc™ (SML) which is a washer head screw. The large bearing surface of the washer head is designed to seat securely in the bottom of the pocket, providing a tremendous amount of consistent clamping force on the joint line.

Our second head style is refered to as a pan head (SPS). The pan head is a slightly smaller head size that allows it to easily get below flush when joining 1/2" material. This is a particularly helpful when joining 1/2" to 1/2" plywood drawer boxes.

Item# Length Thread Head Count Kreg# Price Quantity
9187 3/4" Fine Pan-Head 500 SPS-F075-500 $9.99
1501 1" Fine Pan-Head 500 SPS-F1-500 $9.99
1502 1" Fine Pan-Head 1000 SPS-F1-1000 $15.99
8962 1-1/4" Fine Pan-Head 100 SPS-F125-100 $3.49
8965 1-1/2" Fine Pan-Head 100 SPS-F150-100 $3.49

Item# Length Thread Head Count Kreg# Price Quantity
8966 1-1/2" Fine Washer-Head 100 SML-F150-100 $3.49
8967 1-1/2" Fine Washer-Head 1000 SML-F150-1200 $17.99

Item# Length Thread Head Count Kreg# Price Quantity
1512 2-1/2" Coarse Washer-Head 50 SML-C250-50 $3.49

Stainless Steel Pocket Hole Screws

Stainless Steel Pocket Hole Screws

Durable case-hardened steel ensures that you get the strongest possible joint, and that your screw will spin out in the hole before the head ever breaks off. Kreg’s stainless screws are specially designed for use in extreme applications, excessive exposure to salt water, and other exceedingly corrosive environments such as fastening ACQ treated lumber.

(SML) #7 Stainless Steel Screws
Item# Length Thread Head Count Kreg# Price Quantity
8970 1-1/4" Coarse Washer-Head 100 SML-C125S5-100 $10.99