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H. Behlen Finishing Products

Behlen's extensive knowledge of furniture making and finishing has been behind the development of every product, and has made the Company an acknowledged leader in its field. Today, these products are top choices of professional and amatuer craftsmen for easy, controlled applications, and beautiful results.
Jet Spray™ Sanding Sealer B101-0803 13 oz.
Behlen Jet Spray™ Lacquer Toners Jet Spray™ Blush Eraser™13 oz. B101-0871 Lacquer for Brass 13 oz. B103-0500
Guitar Toner Aerosol 13 oz
Vinyl Sealer Aerosol 13 oz. B102-8000 Stringed Instrument Lacquer Aeroso l13 oz. B104-1406 Solar-Lux™ is a highly fade and U.V.resistant, dye base, non-grain raising stain.
Solar-Lux™ Reducer 1-Qt B503-0016
Solar-Lux™ Reducer 1-Qt B503-0016 Salad Bowl Finish - Clear 1-Qt B603-00016 RockhardTM Table Top Urethane Varnish 1-Qt B603-28506
Qualalacq™ Lacquer Retarder 1-Qt B610-01336
Qualalacq™ Sanding Sealer 1- Pt. B611-02006 Qualalacq™ Lacquer Reducer B611-06316 1-qt
Qualalacq™ Lacquer Satin 1-Qy
Woodturner’s Finish 1-Pt B611-08885 Vinyl Sealer 1-Qt B611-1706 Behkol Solvent 1-Qt B650-2816
Fingerboard Oil 4 Oz B710-0001
Pumice Stone 2F 1 lb B720-1402 Rottenstone 1 lb B720-15006 Finish-Rub 1-Pt B730-1365
Deluxing Compound 1-Pt B730-1205
Wool-Lube™ 1-Pt B730-1365 Buffer’s Polish #5 1-Pt B730-2005 Paraffin Oil 1-Qt B740-28646
Water Base Grain Filler  1-Qt
Pore-O-Pac™ Grain Filler Natural 1-Qt Ground Hide Glue 1-lb B940-00255
Finisher’s Colorwheel™ 9" Dia B997-0105
Grain Filler Spreader & Leveler B902-3010

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